Sunday, April 8, 2012

What a glorious few months we have had. In the past three months, we have been to Cottage just ONCE for her scan...what a relief!

Almost two years ago, we had planned a family vacation to Costa Rica. For obvious reasons we had to cancel our original date and when I rescheduled, it wasn't far enough ahead to make it work even though I had added 2 extra months to the time frame. :( FINALLY, after the second reschedule, we made our way!! It was amazing, beautiful, not-quite as cheap as we had hoped, but nonetheless amazing. The girls used as much Spanish as they could and we had a blast zip-lining, climbing volcanoes and playing on the beach!

The hardest part for Autumn were people's comments. Almost EVERYWHERE we went, people assumed she was a "varĂ³n"...a boy. It made sense, since her hair is beginning to regrow, she has the same haircut as her dad, so why wouldn't anyone think differently? She grew tired of that assumption and was visibly embarrassed about it at times. It was a small part of her overall joy throughout the trip, and surely it will make her stronger, but I'm not sure she needs more of that! :)

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