Thursday, May 26, 2011

Although we are at the tail end of the first of three rounds of chemo treatment, we are still faced with the reality of 3+ blood transfusions in the coming weeks. The good news stems from the benefit of these transfusions, especially with hemoglobin. Autumn with have an almost sudden burst of energy when she undergoes a transfusion that is almost comical to witness! In the middle of her treatment she will hop up on the hospital bed and dance around, shaking her booty and making the silliest faces and noises! Perhaps instead of depression medication, all we need is a simple blood transfusion and the world will be a happier place!

Autumn usually has her blood drawn once a week to make sure that her numbers are at a place that she can continue her chemo along the scheduled path. We often have an hour or so to wait until we hear the results at which point we can make plans for the remainder of the day. Yesterday we spent that time waiting at the zoo! After all, I cannot imagine what Autumn will think of Santa Barbara when she is older…a place people go who are sick, ha! Hardly a vision that city brings to most people. How circumstances can alter perspective.

Autumn is doing really well today after the transfusion. She awoke last night complaining of ankle pain that certainly scared me! She had a children’s Tylenol and fell back asleep with no further incident. There can be so many issues with blood transfusions (isn’t it amazing that it can work at all??). A person that donates could have consumed something that the recipient didn’t even realize he or she was allergic to so that’s what kept me up all night…thinking of what this wonderful donor could have eaten a month ago that could suddenly affect my four year old, strange indeed!

Autumn hasn’t had much of an appetite, especially after last week, that’s always a drag, but the good news is, it does seem to come back! She has been loving Jamba Juice; it’s the one thing she will always drink!

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  1. Are you guys able to donate blood that she can have?? Just curious. Hoping to see you guys sooner rather than later!

    xoxo Nicole