Monday, May 16, 2011

Autumn is a trooper! Finally her blood count is up high enough that she is able to undergo another round of intense chemo this week. We will be in Santa Barbara from Monday-Friday this time. We can make it home one or two nights as well, so that will be good for everyone!

Autumn's friend Kiki came along with us today. What a treat that was for Autumn who was able to be the brave one as she endured a shot in her port and a CT scan (which we have yet to hear the results).

After this week we are expecting a few more transfusions again, both hemoglobin and platelets. The good news is that we are aware of what needs to be done as one of the hardest parts is feeling like you are in the dark about the whole process. Each day is enlightening, to say the least!

Love, Autumn and Family

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