Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sweet little Autumn has been doing so well lately. Minus the occasional whininess and lack of hair, more than usual, she seems to take this whole process in stride.

Yesterday, Autumn again found herself in Santa Barbara to have another blood count, something that will most likely occur each week. Her platelet count was low, just as it was on Tuesday. For that reason, she had to stay (with grandpa) to get another platelet transfusion. The whole process is shorter than a hemoglobin transfusion which makes the process that much easier and more acceptable for her. :)

The four day chemo regiment she had two weeks ago had really taken its toll on her cells. I suppose it is a good thing to know it is working, but such a tough idea to think of all of her good cells dying with the evil cancer cells. Someday, it will be fabulous to create a drug that knows to take out just those cancer cells, leaving all else in tact. The problem is that our bodies contain so many rapidly dividing cells such as blood cells, hair cells and taste buds. ALL of these cells are being destroyed along with the cancer cells when one undergoes chemotherapy. It may even affect short term memory. Once in awhile, Autumn will be in the middle of retelling a story and cannot find the words to complete her thought. It may be that she is just tired from all of the medication, but it's tough to say!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Thank you again for all of your loving support and kindness towards our family through this crazy time of our lives.

Love, Autumn and family


  1. Sorry little Autumn had to have another platelet transfusion :( hope next weet her count will be good!
    Hope you had a good Mother's Day! Love you all!

  2. Hi everyone,
    I'm sorry to hear that Miss Autumn is having such a hard time right now.
    We haven't stopped praying/sending good energy, but we're not posting or E-mailing much 'cause we know how full your lives are right now.
    Please remember, if there's anything we can do, don't hesitate to call.
    Love to everyone,
    Bonni & Luccas