Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I suppose it is a good thing to NOT know how life will unfold; it may make the final chapters appear less than exciting!
Autumn had yet another transfusion yesterday, a long 7 hour day in Santa Barbara not to mention the three hour commute there and back. We were meant to have blood drawn to see if she was "strong" enough to take another four-day intensive dose of chemo this coming week. As her energy level would have predicted, the results showed a lowered hemoglobin count which meant another transfusion, poor sweet baby! So far, she has had 2 hemoglobin and 2 platelet transfusions which likely means that she will have to do the same after next week. Finally she will get a limited break of 6 weeks where she will have to go in for a short day of chemo each week, certainly a lot less rigorous that what she has already seen.
I hope you are all doing well, we think of all of you often and how fabulous it has been to have you all in our lives. Surviving this could NEVER be possible without you all!

Love, Autumn and her family

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  1. Wonderful pictures, give all of the girls a extra hug from me. Hope they all have a good weekend and Little Autumns blood count is good at the next check. Love you all!