Monday, March 21, 2011

Autumn had a wonderful night last night. She fell asleep at 7pm, poor thing she was so tired! This morning she ate a bowl of cereal (hasn’t had that in awhile!) and some juice. She seems to be doing really well after her surgery almost a week ago!

We took Sage & Lindsey to school and then headed to Santa Barbara to meet with Dr Weisenburger (the Cottage Hospital Radiologist). He had to fit her for her 10 consecutive days of radiation which should begin no later than Monday. There are some side effects such as nausea, but the good news is that she is so brave and still that they won’t even need to drug her! They would have to use “Propofol” among other drugs, what a mess!

We will have to return on Wednesday in to have her stapes removed and her “portal” placed. It is a small device that will have a tube that is directed into her vena cave so they can administer the chemo as efficiently and painlessly as possible. It is all under the skin (it will stick up a bit) which means she can swim this summer and do all regular activities if she is healthy, good news!


  1. Hi, Juliet. This is Joy--Esther's mom. Just received your blog address. We are so glad to hear of Autumn's progress. Please know we are covering your dear family with prayer. And, also, let us know when if and when Autumn is up for a visitor. Hugs to you. Joy

  2. Wonderful to hear! Thank you for doing this blog so we can learn about her progress and know how to specifically pray for her.

    Please tell her Calvin misses her!


  3. Hi Juliet,
    I just learned about your beautiful little Autumn's condition from Alex. I'm so sorry to hear about this, and wish her a full recovery. Your blog is a wonderful testament to your family's strength and love. Please know that you're in my thoughts.
    Love, Rachelle (Anthony) Doorley

  4. Hi Juliet,
    This is Lucas' mom, Carrie. I am relieved to hear about Autumn's continuing improvements. Lucas has asked about her and mentioned her a few times since she's been away from school; Autumn is a good friend. Please tell her that he misses her. Your family is in our thoughts. You have a beautiful, brave, strong daughter.

    Carrie Pulse

  5. Hi Jules,
    So happy you put this blog up. A lot of people want to stay in touch and know how Autumn is doing, so this will help. That's awesome that she will be able to swim and all even with the portal. Love to all of you.

  6. juliet and jeff ,
    we are so thrilled to hear autumn is doing good, she is a brave little girl. we are praying for your family. please let us know if you need anything. love you guys,
    mia, paul and kids