Sunday, March 20, 2011

We finally returned home today! My mom and her husband Ken were kind enough to clean our house, do our laundry and wash our dishes before we returned, thank you!!

We are taking it slowly today. All the girls are asleep right now and we are preparing for the week. I will return tomorrow to SB to have Autumn fitted for her radiation and then Wednesday we will return to begin chemo.

It's a long road ahead, but already I have heard of three personal stories of teenagers and adults that had this disease at a very early age and are now doing very well!

To little Autumn, and to her sisters, for enduring the next 6 months as well as can be expected!

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  1. Here, here and we will all keep the love and positive thoughts coming your way. Take as good of care of you and Jeff too as you can. thanks for keeping us updated, it is so good to hear what is going on. Love-Toni and Tony