Friday, March 18, 2011

We had a great night last night, most of the nurses were trying to allow Autumn to sleep a bit.  The night before was a bit challenging because it seemed as though every 30 minutes someone stopped in the room to check something, take blood (her least favorite part!), or change the IV bag, or any number of other things that can occur.

We are hoping to make it home this weekend, which is a bit scary and wonderful at the same time.  Autumn seems to be feeling better, she can move around and make it to the bathroom almost on her own. 

For those of you who know her sisters well, you may appreciate this.  Yesterday when Lindsey and Sage came to visit, Lindsey and Autumn, almost instantly, like clockwork, got into a bit of a tiff...ha!  That's when it seemed apparent that Autumn was feeling better!

Today we are waiting a bit to see if any more results come in.  With cancer cells, there are so many things to look at and so many variables.  They evaluate the cells here and then a woman named Elizabeth Pealman will also look at them, she deals with Wilm's often (there are only 500 cases per year) and we are hoping that anything she may find will be the same as they have found here at Cottage.  It is always good to have a second opinion, just another set of eyes.

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  1. Jeff and Juliet,

    Our family is praying for Autumn and thinking of you all constantly. Too funny about the tiff...the normalcy of it, must of felt good.
    Love you all!!