Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well, we have seemed to have made it through our first week, albeit short, Autumn did very well. I am sure the hardest part is yet to come, but one day at a time, right?

Autumn had the amazing opportunity to meet another little girl JUST like her. This little girl is named Daisy, she is about 6 and a half years old, and she also had a Wilm's tumor.

Daisy is on her last week of treatments, so it was wonderful to have an idea of the "outcome" of this type of cancer. She had the exact same markings as Autumn (for removal of the tumor, placement of the portal as well as for radiation), they compared scars...battle wounds...for such young girls, they were both pretty amazing! They have already handled more than most adults and they take it in such stride. Sage and Lindsey are going to meet this little girl next week.

Autumn was also able to see Daisy without her hair. She had lots of questions about that, and I am sure she will have more as time goes on. All of this is new (as I am sure it is for ANY family going through this). A parent is never really sure of what the right thing to do may be, but there are always lots of lessons to be learned, that is for sure.

A friend sent some great books on cancer, siblings and being sick in general. It helps for all the kids in a family to have an idea of what to expect and to see that they are not alone.

Autumn continues to do really well. She has even had the chance to visit with some friends! She really misses preschool and hopes she can return soon!

Thank you again, EVERYONE, for all that you have done!! The dinners are just amazing, we are being spoiled! :)

Thank you again for all of your thoughts, prayers, donations, time, encouragement. We appreciate every bit of it.

To a beautiful Sunday!

Autumn and family


  1. Thanks for posting--we are keeping up with Autumn every day. We love you all! Jacqui & Trish

  2. So glad Autumn found Daisy - I am sure it helps to know someone that is like you - how cute it must have been to see them comparing battle wounds!
    I am sending you an album and stuff to chronicle her journey...let me know if I can do anything else.

  3. It's great to hear that Autumn is doing so well!
    I'm glad she got to make a new friend, one who is doing well and "knows the ropes."
    I hope that you can meet parents who are winning the battle too; moms like you who are there and fighting right along with their kids.
    Sending love and peace of mind & heart to Autumn, you and all the family.
    Loads of love,
    Bonni & Luccas