Thursday, March 17, 2011

A few hours ago we were finally able to talk to the Hematologist/Oncologist regarding any reports that they may have.

At that point all we knew was that Autumn most likely had a stage three Wilm's tumor (tumor of the kidney).  After all of the initial reports, it seems to be that indeed, that is what they removed two days ago.

So, what does all of this mean?

Autumn will have to undergo about 2-3 weeks of radiation, each session takes about 20-30 minutes and we will have to do this everyday.  She will also have to go through chemotherapy treatments involving three types of drugs once a week for the next 10 weeks and then every 3 weeks for about 3.5 months.

We are so thankful that she does not have to undergo anymore than this, as this will be overwhelming enough for such a little body!

She is a strong little girl as most of you have already noted!  :)  We have so appreciated all of your love and support and care that all of you have given to her over the past 2 days, thank you!!!

Life is precious.


  1. Love you guys Juliet! Thanks for setting this up. :)

  2. Juliet, want you to know we're praying and that I asked my friends to pray as well. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    Much love,

  3. Juliet and Jeff,
    My family is thinking about you every day and we are praying for Autumn. Thanks for setting up this blog so that we can be updated.
    JUANES rocked and he sang so many uplifting songs. I hope his music can keep your spirits up. No creo en el jamas!
    amor y besos

  4. J & J,
    Know that we are praying for you and thinking of you. Glad your posting progress.
    xoxoxoxo and muchos besitos para Autumn (y sus hermanitas)...los queremos
    Maria, Steve and Frankie

  5. Dear Juliet and Jeff,
    We're thinking and praying for Autumn and the whole family. Big hug and kisses to the girls. Please know we're not too far away.
    Love you all!
    Liza, Jim, Natalie & Maya

  6. Hi, We are friends from GHCC. Heard the news and have posted your prayer request at Grace SLO. We are moving next month to Austria. Glad that you have this so we may know how to pray for you all. May God's grace keep you lifted up.
    Warmest Regards,
    Nicola Perje (matthew is in Miss Lyndsays class)

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