Friday, June 24, 2011

A great day today! Autumn and her sisters found time this morning to just HANG OUT. It feels like we haven’t done that in awhile, it was so nice to say the least.

We are planning a small trip to Las Vegas this coming week. Traditionally we have taken this trip with my mom and all the girls every summer. It’s fairly cheap and loads of fun with all the activities, heat and all of the pools a kid could desire! She has been talking about it all week, because she can actually swim, something she has wanted to do for so long. Her port was placed under her skin and is completely internal, so she can do just about anything which is great news.

We’re having a garage sale tomorrow, it always feel so good to clear your house of clutter, doesn’t it? Sage and Lindsey are so involved now, they are excited about their lemonade stand and making a bit of change, it’s a good life lesson. Autumn would rather hold onto almost everything, but she is making a move to sell a few items.

Have a great Friday night!
Autumn and her family

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