Thursday, June 23, 2011

No need for a blood transfusion today, wonderful news!! We headed down EARLY this morning, we left the house at about 6:55am...yikes! Sage and Lindsey had two school friends that were kind enough to join us today. It's always fun to see a girl older than Autumn watch intently as she effortlessly receives a shot through her port, without ever even crying!

Autumn loves to be a part of the entire process, it helps her own this thing, it may make her feel more in control which can help anyone, right?

After we discovered that Autumn was well enough to have her de-accessed (the needle removed), then we headed back north for a much needed fun break at Boomer's! It's a great place, however 2 of the 5 rides were broken...ha! Autumn hardly knew any different and had a blast anyway.

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  1. Great news, Juliet. As always we are thinking of you. Got our "Autumn bracelets" on--thanks Uncle Bob! Love, Jacqui