Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, located across the street from Cottage Hospital, put together their 7th annual “Family Fun Day” today. There was food (although we were a bit too late to really enjoy it all!), games and prizes for all to enjoy! Autumn won a Betta fish that is so proud to own and care for in her time of needing to be needed.  This little blue critter was given the name Peal after a lot of searching and hard work. Sage and Lindsey also won betta fish. Pearl, Roxy and Paris are the newest members of the family and so far, seem to be doing well. Only time will tell how “well” they will do as the last fish we had we couldn’t manage to keep alive for more than 2 days!

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  1. Silly way to help, I know, but felt the need to chime in with a word of advice: bottled water.
    Our tap water contains chlorine, 'settling agents,' and sometimes even ammonia. Not good for critters who are accustomed to swimming in murky rice patties; although honestly, these guys were bred in a tank and have never seen a rice patty in their lives. But you get the point.
    Congrats to all the girls on their amazing victories!
    Fish rule!