Monday, June 27, 2011

This was a short day for Autumn, those days are sweet and quite enjoyable! It means we have time to visit the zoo or a park or any number of things that beautiful Santa Barbara has to offer! Autumn had one small, quick “push” of Vinchristine today which literally takes 20 minutes for the whole process and there are hardly any side effects!

Autumn’s friend Kiki and her mom Lisa joined us today, what a treat for Autumn. Company is one fabulous way in which to lift spirits during long drive to Santa Barbara. After her treatment we headed downtown where Autumn and her sisters discovered Pinkberry, perhaps their newest favorite frozen yogurt delight! (Thanks Lisa :)

We managed to make it back to SLO in time for Autumn’s dance class at 3:30. She looks so adorable in her leotard, pink skirt and sassy bald head!

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  1. Such good news! and cute pictures have fun in Las Vegas!!