Sunday, June 5, 2011

We just had a few days of feeling pretty overwhelmed! Friday night Autumn had a fever that continuously elevated until it reached a critical level of 101.5. At that point, she had to be hospitalized for fear that it can only get worse and that a pathogen may be causing the rise in temperature. By Saturday morning, with the help of 2 types of antibiotics and continuous saline her temperature was back in a normal range. She was so incredibly tired and just not herself Friday evening. It was such a pleasure to see her yesterday morning, she was back to her little Autumn-self!! Hooray!

She continued to progress throughout the day yesterday, she was happy, had energy, received yet another hemoglobin transfusion and was on the road to recovery.

Today she is considered stable and we should be on our way home in about 2 hours. That is the best news of all and she is more than ready to go! Sage and Lindsey came to stay with us yesterday. They spent all morning playing doctor with Autumn and her sweet little bunny, Fluffy! The kids love to eat here, not something you hear everyday! There is a pool across the street that we try to visit each time we are here and soon Autumn can join us!

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