Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I hope all of you hombres out there had a wonderful Father's Day on Sunday!

Autumn has had a great week overall, no news can mean good news, right? (thanks Auntie Janet!). We had a very short day at the clinic on Monday. She didn't even need to go to the hospital! We are headed there again tomorrow for a blood check and a possible blood transfusion, it feels so "normal" to say that now. I remember when I used to conjure up images of terrible things infecting her little body, a bad bag of blood...something to make the situation so much worse! There can be rejection of the blood, simple miscommunication between cells and the surface proteins, ANYTHING is possible! But I have also discovered that is true, anything really is possible and sometimes there is just nothing, NOT A THING you can do about it! Life is funny that way. It may be a way to show us that we really need to appreciate the now, the moment we are ccurrently living in.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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  1. Totally agree. Love my Autumn and love ya all. CHEERS!!!