Tuesday, January 24, 2012

“How can he peel a banana?” Autumn woke up this morning and asked me, as if she had been thinking of this all night long, pondering the particulars in her sleep. Her little mind just goes, and I love where it lands, what unique perspective she has and what she brings into this world, into my life! I am so lucky to have her!! “He is the most amazing man ever!” she declared. She is referring to the man who was born without any legs or arms, Mr Vujicic, a hero of hers and most likely the most amazing person alive, and there’s no hiding that from this little inquisitive girl. We have seen a few videos of his, so I did my best to imagine how he could peel a banana, perhaps with his mouth? He does have one smaller foot that really helps him in all sorts of tricky situations. His home is modified to suit his needs and he can do everything anyone else can, but he struggled a lot before he decided life was worth living and he was going to make the best of it. My god he has, and how many people he has inspired along the way! I hope Autumn has the chance to meet him someday 

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