Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preschool is an amazing place; I think it is something that I have taken for granted over the past 6 years while all three of my girls have been crossing that plate into kindergarten and beyond. The teachers Autumn has had (as well as Sage and Lindsey) are so incredibly patience and supportive and loving and have endless energy to spend with the kids. On occasion I will spend a moment in the class with Autumn just to observe the manner in which her teacher leads the kids from one project to another, from playtime to work time, or out of a potential argument into something more creative. This morning, Autumn found herself struggling with a fake mandarin she had accidently lodged in a plastic teapot while attempting to create a tea party for her friends. Her teacher noticed her frustration and simply stated “well, now you know that things of those sizes should not be places inside our teapots at school.” It was a great learning moment and although Autumn was a bit embarrassed, she learned a lesson and no one was upset or mad. Foolishness can overtake a parent’s desire to make a child feel terrible for doing something wrong, but often a kid is really just trying to figure out this crazy world we live in and when they are not given the proper direction and love they need, it can make for a very frustrated and confused adult.

I loved the lady we met at Starbucks today. While she was diligently working on her computer, Autumn suddenly decided she just wanted to be right next to her. She picked up her drink (a green tea frap of course!) and a host of other things she had at the table we had been occupying. When she found herself at her new location, she kept wiggling her butt and dancing around and laughing in front of this lady, she was in a fabulous mood! The woman kindly kept looking in our direction and after awhile said, “I wish I could have as much fun as you are having today, but I have work to do.” She wasn’t upset, but her point was well taken.

“I think if I have all of the energy in the world, I can run as fast as a cheetah!” – Autumn 5

Life is short.

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