Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It felt wonderful yet strange today to call the nurses in Santa Barbara. I had to ask them about Autumn’s next appointment for her first post-chemo scan. Thankfully, there is no rush, she isn’t even on the books which means we are free for another 2 weeks! What an amazing feeling, how free I feel, I can hardly imagine what Autumn must think. Although she hasn’t said much about any of it, I am sure she is ready for her hair to grow back! She runs around the house all day long with her various beautiful princess dresses (my favorite being one that we found at Goodwill that looks like a little bride’s gown) and her “Rapunzel hair” which could be made from just about anything from a ribbon to a piece of material that can stick to her head with tape or more ribbon, anything goes! We have had our share of wigs here and there, but she never, ever wants anything to do with them. She may rarely try one on for a split second, but then off it goes. Ahhh…I will relish in these moments of peace and tranquility and appreciate them evermore!

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