Friday, January 27, 2012

In the car on the way to preschool this morning, Autumn had a moment to play with my phone right after we dropped off her sisters Sage and Lindsey at their school, the big one.  “Can we call Lucas’ mom please” she begged. “Why” I asked. “Well, I think he is my, you know, boyfriend..he, he, he!” she giggled for a good long while then asked, “Can we?, I really want a playdate”. I let her know that I didn’t have his phone number, but that when we arrived at school, we could surely ask his mom. What happened next? She simply began dialing a number and then said, “Oh, I wonder if they will speak Spanish or English, I wonder if this will be Lucas?”. I said, “Who are you calling?” She replied, “I think it’s Lucas, but I’m not sure, I just dialed a number.” I really think she believes that if she just hit a few numbers that soon enough she would get him or someone we knew. I think the world of children is so small, that they cannot fathom that there is SO much going on in this world, so many people and other kids and grandmothers and grandfathers and aunts and uncles and friends out there. They know who they know and cannot imagine it is any bigger than that. So yes, of course, one should be able to dial any number in the phone and find someone to talk to!

Another great day, a beautiful day along the coast of California, I don’t think we could live anywhere else (but I’d love to travel everywhere!).

“From now on I am going to call grandpa, “Buttercup” and Nanie, “Flowerhead”. Wow, that is too funny and something I just couldn’t pass up! Those were Autumn’s last words before she fell fast asleep…I’m not sure her grandparent’s will approve, but is sure was cute!

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