Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"I just want to go!", exclaimed Autumn with a slight hint of frustration last night. She was done, we were here way too long. However, we made it! We made it to the hotel at about 11 and fell fast asleep. Autumn had a great night. However, she peed the bed which is one of the side effects of chemo - I sill certainly take that over the host of other side effects!

We are back in the hospital this morning for a shorter day, only about 8 hours today. Although that is still long, given yesterday's perspective, it will feel shorter!

Sage and Lindsey are having fun scrap booking (punctuated by arguments of course!) and in a moment we will walk down to the Farmer's Market they have in the hospital cafeteria each Wednesday.


  1. I hope Autumn had a short, more tolerable day today - Half way done! Hope you are all at the hotel enjoying the evening.

    The farmers market at the hospital sounds pretty cool. hope fully autumn is able to enjoy some of that part of the hospital!
    love you all, L

  2. Keep strong, hospitals are a drag no matter what and I cannot imagine doing what you all are doing but I am happy you are together. At least the arguments make life seem a bit more 'normal' ;). I am counting the minutes with you until you go home!!! Love-Toni