Monday, April 11, 2011

Little Miss Autumn had a wonderful weekend! Her cousins came for a visit which is always makes for a good time!

This week we will be in Santa Barbara only one day, Tuesday, hooray! The chemo she will have is fairly "mellow" and involves just a 10 minute push of Vincristine and then we can return home. The following week we will be there, at Cottage Hospital from Tuesday through Friday. It is a more intense chemotherapy involving hydration (due to the sulfates in one or more of the agents that can cause bleeding the bladder) to dilute the chemo over time.

This morning Autumn had some hair on her pillow and so we talked a bit about what that means to her. I brought up her friend Daisy (who is now done with her treatment) which seemed to make it more ok. It may even make Sage and Lindsey more nervous than Autumn, as they ask about it all the time! Kids are so funny, the things they ask about, what seems to matter most to them may not always be what matters to an adult.

We love you all!

Autumn and Family

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