Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We made it to Santa Barbara yesterday for a quick chemo treatment; I wish they were all that easy! It literally takes 15 minutes and you are out the door! Next week however, we will be in the hospital for 4 days, from Tuesday to Friday. Sage and Lindsey will be with us for a few days (scrapbooking :) and then Jeff will come up for Thursday and Friday. Only one of those agents gave Autumn a hard time a few weeks ago, it seemed to give her a terrible head ache. Now that we know that, they can give her Tylenol right away.

Autumn woke up yesterday to find A LOT more hair on her pillow. When it decides to fall, there is no holding back. I brushed her hair in the morning which left a clump the size of a small lemon on the brush. An hour later, I brushed it again, only to find an equal amount had again fallen. I continued to brush throughout the day, each time removing so much hair that by the end of the day, she only had about half of her hair remaining.

This morning she really only has wisps still looks so cute because she is so little and it really doesn't bother her at all! In fact, she is ready to shave the rest off because she is constantly annoyed with the hair falling in her mouth and all over her clothes! If only we could be so accepting as adults!

Tonight grandpa, dad and Autumn will have a little head shaving party...


  1. Autumn ROCKS! I will let Autumn shave my head when I come to visit her in a few weeks...

    Uncle Craig

  2. a big hug to autumn from esther!

  3. Have fun at the head shaving party tonight - Jeff, Ken, Craig you are all Awesome! Autumn does Rock! hugs from all of us!

  4. Autumn is truly a beautiful girl ... and it has nothing to do with the hair or any other part of her exterior!

    Big hugs to the whole Cannon team.