Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We awoke at 5:45 this morning to make our early trek to Santa Barbara. Our car was packed with clothes and crafts galore to spend 3 days together at Cottage, how fun! Autumn had to have a bunch of tests early this morning to make sure that she was "ready" to have this lengthy chemo. In the meantime we are all "scrapbooking", a great way to pass some time together and preserve some fabulous memories.

Autumn is learning all of the terminology, it is pretty cute! She is currently taking my "blood pressure" and is giving me a "flush", which occurs each time she has chemo. It's amazing how little ones take life is stride, I learn something new every day, I appreciate something new every day, what a gift! You know in a short period of time, she has had 2 major surgeries, lost all of her hair and gets shots on a regular basis, has a portal sticking out of her skin...and she still loves to laugh...god how I wish I had that sense of innocence, that incredible ability to live in the present.

"Take only Photos, Steal only Time, Leave only Footprints"
-Author Unknown


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  2. Sooo glad to hear that. She is pretty special. Tell her Nanie and Gramps can't wait to see her this weekend and please send our little "DUDE-ETTE" love. Autumn will know what we are talking about:))))

  3. What a way to approach each day - thanks for sharing, Juliet! We are thinking of you all daily and are so proud of brave little Autumn. Love you guys!! Ben and Elizabeth

  4. Autumn is amazing! I think everyone is learnng something from her with every post and picture we read and see! Glad you are all able to have some fun time together at the hospital - let me know if you need more supplies!