Monday, April 18, 2011

This past weekend we had a small hat party for Autumn with her friends from preschool. She was with most of them the Friday before the weekend to play a bit and have lunch as she missed them so much and they were happy to see her. You never know what other little children are thinking of, how they process something like this.

When she went to school, all of the kids showed one another their "owies" from various parts of their bodies, it was quite endearing to watch! It was a way they could all connect with Autumn, how empathetic four year olds can be! :)

Autumn seemed to have quite a bit of energy this weekend. I am sure the lack of radiation treatments for a week has been a welcomed break to her little body! We spent some time at the Bob Jones Trail yesterday and she was content to ride her tricycle for awhile punctuated by longer moments in the stroller, a sort of safety zone.

This week will be at Cottage for 4 days. Last week was relatively easy which allows for this week to be more acceptable (we can even talk about it without tears). The big girls and I will be there from Tuesday through Thursday afternoon and Jeff will stay with her from Thursday evening until Friday when she can come home. There is a hotel across the street where we have been sleeping. An organization called the "Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation" graciously offers families like ours free rooms for up to a week at a time, we are quite thankful!

Speaking of being thankful, we have had so many amazing meals that have been delivered by all of you, how wonderful it has been! I feel as though I haven't cooked for a month, what a treat! :)


  1. Will be thinking of you all a lot this week. I hope it passes as quickly as it can and soon you are all back home safely and happily together. Look forward to next blog post. Love and strength to you all.-Toni

  2. Will be thinking about you and little Autumn all week - hope it goes well and you all have fun scrapbooking together! Love to Sage, Lindsey, Autumn and to you Juliet! Stay strong!