Friday, November 25, 2011

As I kissed her tiny, soft, sweet hand tonight while we were sitting quietly on the sofa, I realized just how vulnerable she is, especially after taking so many drugs. She has continued the aggravating movement of twisting her wrists over and over again. It appears to bother her more during the evening hours when she is relaxing, seemingly more uncomfortable than painful. Nonetheless, as I observe the side effects of these drugs she has to take in order to save her life, I feel so helpless and defenseless and frustrated. I just want to be given the power to blink and have it all in the past! I know we are so very close to being there, so very close.

Although there was no defined “playdate” today, we had the opportunity to visit a friend of Sage who happened to have two little sisters who loved playing with Autumn, what a treat that was for her! She scampered about the house having a blast with her two new friends; it was a great Thanksgiving gift.

We are planning a fabulous fiesta for her 5th birthday and end-of-chemo on Sunday January 8th at the Exploration Station here in Grover Beach. We would love to invite any and everyone who can come!! I will send a more formal invitation soon, but it makes me feel good to have a date set…what a stupendous day that will be!!!

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