Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lexi, a three year old battling Leukemia was our roommate this morning. she turned out to be a perfect match for Autumn. The two of them had a blast coloring, gluing and just being silly girls. At at about 10am this morning, we had a wonderful surprise from the ladies at the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. They had a Princess Party for the two girls! Autumn never knew a hospital room could be so much fun. They really put on a good show with decorations, manicures, sensational cupcakes and a special visit from Princess Jasmine who read fun stories to them, they were in heaven!

As we left the hospital, I was greeted by someone familiar. A trainer at the local gym was down in SB caring for his wife who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 months ago; I never knew. Her cancer has spread and she has been in the hospital since her diagnosis, a long time to spend there. The biggest question I get from children or from adults who have not experienced cancer is, “where does it come from”? If only we knew, we could prevent it. Our world is so terribly polluted that it seems it must come from that which we have been shoving down Mother Nature’s throat all these years. We know better, but we just won’t give in. Oil is king and pesticides drive the produce market so unless you are very cautious of everything, the cancer potential is out there lurking behind every beautiful bright red strawberry. When I was a little girl, they would spray the entire neighborhood with chemicals and the only protection we had was to go inside for a short while. Yeah, I’m sure that was healthy.

During the drive back, Autumn slept the entire way, she was so exhausted! We arrived home in time to meet the nurse, but of course she was not there. For some reason we have had a hell of a time with Marrian Medical, they are either really late, forget something (such as the bag of saline that Autumn is being hooked up to!) or don’t show up at all. Perhaps it is the fault of the health industry at large, it is tough to say but what I do know it that it hasn’t once worked smoothly. We waited a whole hour for this nurse to show up! The problem is that during this time, Autumn is not being hydrated, which is of big concern due to the chemo she just had. I had a long talk with the supervisor, but she wasn’t very helpful. Grrr…just another frustration and if I have to do this again, it will have to be another way, not like this.

If feels good to be back home. The hospital is another universe, one that can completely coexist within the world we already know without most people ever even entering it once minus the one time they were born into this life and not even the wisest among us consciously remembers that moment! Sometimes when I return home I feel as though I was temporarily transported to another planet not unlike ours but filled with beings with an adgenda.

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