Sunday, November 27, 2011

We have a secret trip planned tomorrow for Autumn, Sage and Lindsey but we first have to make a quick stop in Santa Barbara to check her blood levels. I am hoping that they are high enough that we do not need a transfusion, but at this point, I should be prepared for one. We are due to arrive at about 9:30am at which point we will have to draw blood and then wait...for about an hour before the results return. It’s a funny thing about Sierra Vista, for some reason, they have results in under 20 minutes. I have learned that every hospital is different in countless ways. They are in the business of making money, something that I had not spent one moment thinking about in my previous life.

All in all, Autumn is doing very well. This morning it seemed as though her little head was a bit warmer than it was last night, but it turned out to be nothing, great news! She still isn’t up to eating very much, however her appetite should come back in another week or so. The girls and I spent some time this evening making Cornish game hens (Sage won one a few weeks back for the AG Turkey Trot!), stuffing, salad and bread. However, when we sat down to eat, everyone complained that the food was yucky, so not much of it was consumed.

I hope you all have enjoyed your holiday break!

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