Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hooray!!! I can hardly believe it, but the trip to LAX proved to be successful and I can hardly believe it!

We began our journey after the girls were released from school today in SLO. We headed south at about 4pm passing through Ventura at about 6 where we stopped to eat and rest for a moment. The drive is just long enough that in the back of a smaller car three kids can drive each other batty! They were interested in seeing Camila, their baby cousin and could care less about changing tickets to some far off land.

We found terminal 2, AeroMexico and parked right across the street for $45 a minute, ha! As we made our way over the bridge and into the ticketing lines, all I could think of was jumping on one of those fabulous planes and going somewhere, anywhere! Traveling has to be the most fun one can have on this planet, there is just so much to see and do that it can never get boring.

Luckily we happened to arrive just moments before the ticketing counter was about to open (each day it’s closed from 5-8 pm, in case anyone is wondering ). There was only one single man in front of us but as fate would have it, that one person had to wait an hour to purchase his ticket and we waited an additional 30. The longest line of one that I ever did see, but that’s the airport for you! Oh the girls were going insane just waiting and waiting, Lindsey threatened to jump on the conveyer belt and send herself to another planet just so the waiting would end. I tried desperately to explain to her that life wasn’t always easy and that sometimes we really do have to wait for something good. To no avail, she was over it all and said that I was simply torturing her and couldn’t care in the least. Out of the mouth of babes, it could only be so sweet! Of course the moment we jumped into the car and exited the airport, all three girls rejoiced in our accomplishments and said the waiting was worth it…way too funny!

I was so incredibly thankful when the woman actually found dates and times in which to change our tickets that I nearly jumped over the counter and hugged her! We will be off to Costa Rica towards the end of March…something to look forward to indeed!!

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