Monday, November 14, 2011

We had a good morning drive. Autumn seemed to be in great spirits for the majority of the ride, singing and chatting about everything but the closer we gwere to SB, the more I noticed how agitated she became. The littlest things were upsetting to her, surely it was due to the anticipation of a long week of craziness.

When we arrived, we make a quick stop at the grocery store to purchase more of her favorite Strawberry Capri Sun drinks. She noticed a new barbie movie at the checkout line and felt she would love to have it. I haven't purchased a movie in awhile and it was on sale, so what the heck! The hospital is a great time to watch movies so in the bag it went. There is usually a good moral to each story, so it does have it's redeeming qualities even if the grandmother looks exactly like the granddaughters in the movie!

Upon arrival, Autumn was hooked up to the IV for hydration to get that process going. There are somethings I have learned to ask for over the course of this therapy and this was one of them. Each time is different, the nurses, the room, the chemo and although there is some consistency, her schedule is generally all over the map.

Last week the nurses forgot to mention that she also needed GFR test in order to test her kidney function and determine the appropriate chemo dosage. She was so exhausted from it all that she fell fast asleep right in the machine which was perfect because she has to remain as still as can be!

As we headed back up to Peds, the sailors from Navy Boat were there to greet her. How fun that was for her to see all these ladies in uniform. The one thing she couldn't understand is why their ship wasn't right here with them! One sailor brought up a picture of the ship on her phone for Autumn to see. She replied, "I bet that phone is a bigger than your phone!"..too cute!

We spent some time looking up "beautiful bald women" on the Internet this afternoon. She loved seeing photos of all these glamorous women...bald!

A bit later, Robin presented a Dress-up doll kit for Autumn to enjoy. We spent a good hour making and designing clothes for this mannequin, it was great for her age.

Uncle Bob ordered Autumn and I a fabulous cheese and veggie pizza, how delicious! It's a nice treat, especially since we have dined on all the entire menu 8 times over by now. :)

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