Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Well, here we are again, on the familiar bleached white sheets covering an electric adjustable bed in the single private corner room of Sierra hospital on the eve of Thanksgiving. I suppose it's a good thing we weren't here last Thanksgiving although it's felt that long. We came in early this morning for a routine blood check. It has been about 9 days since the start of her last round of chemo, so it is not surprising that her blood counts were low, but I was not expecting a double transfusion. For some reason these transfusions always take more than twice as long here as they do in Santa Barbara. Autumn and I have been in this bed for the past 10 hours drawing and reading and watching too much TV (at the moment isn't her favorite Willy Wonka - the new one of course!).

Sage, Lindsey ahd their friend Nicole were hear earlier to join Autumn in her plight. Thankfully Nicole's mom was able to pick all the girls up to bring them back to her house to play, the desired option for them but Autumn wasn't too thrilled about the loss of her playmantes! It is so hard for her to understand why the hell she can't have a million playdates and it is hard for me to explain to her that we cannot risk infection. I just want to make everything fair and ok and just and not crazy and different and unequal. Some times are harder than others!

We should be leaving soon...

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  1. Dearest Autumn, Juliet, and Family;
    Thinking of you all on this Thanksgiving, and always. I asked Lucas just yesterday who his favorite friend is, and he said, "It starts with the letter A......" and he smiled. I asked if it was Autumn, and he said "yes". :-) I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!