Monday, November 28, 2011

We began our morning bright and early, the day was sunny and beautiful and the sky was so clear. The girls were all so excited because they knew something big was going to happen and they had no idea what it was. I handed Autumn her piece of plastic with the numbing cream and she faithfully placed it under her shirt and on skin covering her port. In order to work sucessfully, the cream needs to cover the skin for at least one hour prior to being accessed. When we are at the hospital, she removes the plastic, cleans the skin with cloth wipes and waits patiently for the alcohol scrubber. The nurses always joke that if it was up to Autumn, she would access herself! She is an angel when it comes to so many of the daily procedures of this new life she has had to endure. She just does what she needs to do and moves on, almost as if she were doing something so benign as brushing her teeth.

The plan was to head to SB for a blood check and then make an escape to our final destination. As it turns out, Autumn needed only platelets today, hooray! At the clinic, it only takes perhaps one full hour for them to administer, and perhaps another hour to wait for the blood to be delivered, then one more to wait for the results of the blood test (i just realized I wrote this in reverse order :).

At any rate, we arrived at about 9:15 am and left at about 1:15 full of joy for the coming day! I told the girls that I would give in and divulge the plan just as soon as we were on the freeway. I had them guessing for about 3 minutes and then just blurted out...DISNEYLAND!!! The screams of joy were priceless, especially little Autumn's face as she placed her two hands over her cheeks and opened her mouth as wide as it would stretch, it was a very fun moment.

The behaved themselves for the first 2 hours until we hit traffic, then Autumn became irritated and just wanted OUT of that car. After a few stops, we made it to the hotel, La Quinta, just around the corner from the land of fairytales. We met up with my mom and her sister Lorraine and my cousin Nicole, her husband and their kids. Auntie Lorraine's husband, Uncle Wayne was in the military for 20 years and was able to purchase three day tickets for a discounted fabulous price making this trip possible for us to go, Thank You!!!

"All I want for Christmas is a little power." - Autumn

Lindsey rudely informed Autumn that she cannot actually ask for "power" and I politely corrected her and said there is nothing one cannot ask for, anything is possible!

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  1. so fun! we were just there last weekend and little esther loved the matterhorn. we rode it 4 times and she laughed the entire time. hoping you had a great time!