Monday, December 26, 2011


Last night I had a heck of a time falling asleep; perhaps it was the end of Christmas or the beginning of a fresh and fabulous New Year. I considered the circumference of the earth, almost 25 thousand miles in a straight shot around the equator. What would it take for a human to see one linear portion of earth and could it even be done in a lifetime? I thought about the average lifespan, somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 years, about 25,000 days of life. It sounds like a lot of time however, if one individual were to walk and investigate and discover everything there is to know about one mile each day of one’s life, which is a lot of exploring considering there is a lot to see that distance, it would take an entire lifetime to explore all that space, ONE LIFETIME. I had to rethink it about four times just to make sure that it would really take that long. It seems as though there is so much to explore on earth, but is there really THAT much? How would one person take that on? Perhaps one could just start walking, one mile a day and stop and smell the roses whenever there were any. It really only takes about 20 minutes to walk a mile, however if you made an effort to really explore the territory and enjoy the land and meet the people and the animals and plants, it could easily take one day to uncover all there is to see during that one mile voyage. Do that from age 10 until 80 and you have seen one small strip of the earth from which you could extrapolate your entire existence. Do it around the equator and you have seen a very small range of temperature and climate shifts and it could seem like the earth was a very homogenous place to live.

On another note, we are headed to SB tomorrow for Autumn’s second to last day of chemo, HOORAY! I can hardly believe it, what a journey this has been.

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