Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Autumn had such a fabulous day at preschool! She was thrilled to go and stay, even through lunch. Mrs. Lindsey mentioned that she did have a few moments of fatigue in keeping up with the other little kids, but overall she is an energy princess! It always amazes me just how much she has and how long it lasts, it is a wonderful, wonderful thing!

We are off to the hospital tomorrow to have a look at Autumn’s blood levels in an attempt to determine the next step. We still have three active weeks of chemo and it’s a waiting game until that begins. I feel a bit like Autumn and I are holding hands, running, jogging really, in place, on a path we’ve never been knowing there is a finish line but having no idea where it is, how many more road signs we may have to encounter before we see the iconic magnificent flag waving in the wind, welcoming and congratulating her (us, everyone) for everything she has had to endure her entire fourth year of life.

It is remarkable what we remember from our childhood, isn’t it? We lived all of those years being little, and it seemed so long when we were there, however when we are grown it seems like it was just a flash, a moment in history, so distant at times it often feels as if it wasn’t even our own story. One of the little girls we met at the Cottage Holiday Fiesta who had Wilm’s when she was only six had just turned 13. I asked her what she could remember about her cancer and all that she had tolerated in her young life. All she could say was, “I remember being in the hospital sometimes.” REALLY? That’s it? Could it be? Autumn is even younger than she was in which case one could extrapolate that she may remember almost nothing from all of this, quite remarkable isn’t it? What we have yet to uncover in the depths of our consciousness can only be absolutely profound. We may have to wait another lifetime for an answer but you can be sure it’s out there, just waiting to be revealed!

“Don’t you know, my hair is going to be even longer than Rapunzel’s” – Autumn after school today

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