Thursday, December 1, 2011

Autumn seems to be doing so very well today! I hope she is recovering quickly from this last round of chemo and is set to end this crazy chapter of her life.

While inside a coffee shop today I saw an old friend. Autumn was being as silly as ever and began singing out loud (very loud) “Oh…who’s going to eat a bagel…I am!!” to the tune of something silly she created in her head. She continued with this song over and over so many times that people must have thought she was ADD, it was a funny moment in time. The great news is that she can frequently get away with most of the silly things in life we all want to do but feel too embarrassed to do. People often take a look and her and usually become very sympathetic, loving, giving and helpful. It’s amazing, we all really do poses these qualities we just don’t often share them with one another as often as we should.

During this silly moment, my friend made her way over to our table to greet us and she introduced us to a friend of hers who was standing by her side. This beautiful, amazing woman began to share a little bit of her story with us. She looked at Autumn and said, “I am bald just like you!” Of course no one could see that because she had a lovely wig and a warm, knit hat covering her head. She unveiled her baldness to Autumn and she instantly had a compadre in both heart and soul.

This woman had already battled cancer 7 years ago and it came back. She then battled it AGAIN about a year ago and it returned once again. She looks amazing, one would never guess what she has been through. She has done it all such as visiting a graveyard with her kids (11 and 9) and creating a bucket list in response to her daughter’s request. Hearing her story was inspiring and made me realize that we all have our stories, each one unique and as important as the last. No one leaves this planet alive; we all know that, but do we really live that way??? Where is your bucket list? I just started mine.

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  1. XOXO I bet i know who this special person you met is. Sending hugs to autumn. Call and/or come by if you have any free time.