Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sage and Lindsey had their first basketball game today! Nanie, grandpa and the girls met me after my usual Saturday biology class in Santa Maria and we headed south on the 101 to LA to join grandpa's family in a holiday celebration. Uncle Adam, Auntie Alma and Camila were there as well. We have been attending their family's Christmas celebration for over 20 years which seems unbelievable to me, just how much time has passed. Most of them we only see once a year, I think it was tough for them to see Autumn as it was their only encounter with her since a year ago when we had no clue what she had brewing inside her tummy.

The family tradition includes skits acted out by each family. Grandpa had the girls in his skit this year and it was hilarious! A HUGE Green Bay fan, grandpa's skit was a tribute to the undefeated Packers, an easy target. Autumn was the grand finale, carrying a GB sign and wearing a jersey adornded with cheese dice and a nice, big slice of cheese right on her head. Santa dropped in for a quick hello and a few photos, what a busy guy and how thoughtful!

Tonight a little boy asked Autumn why she didn't have any hair but she didn't seem bothered by it. I have no idea what could have been different, perhaps it was just in the joy of the season, but she wasn't upset and that was good to experience.

The girls are all asleep at the moment, undoubtedly dreaming of Christmas...

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