Monday, December 5, 2011

No bactrum? No shots? No clinic? No hospital? “Nope!” I answered with a sign of relief. These are the questions that begin each and every day at our house in the morning, usually over a bowl of cereal at the breakfast table. We are literally counting the weeks, almost the days! I find myself blurting it out to EVERYONE I meet on the street…that we only have a few weeks left (as if they all need to know our story). “Hello, this is Autumn, yes she has cancer, but we are almost done with treatments, it’s been a very long haul, but by the New Year we should be finished!” I must have said this 20 times today, I wonder if I could see myself what I would think about my nervousness as well as excitement.

Autumn had her beautiful Cinderella dress on today and it served well as we met Santa at his lovely abode downtown in Mission Plaza today. He was charming and warm and instantly loved little Autumn. One of my old students was taking the photos and graciously donated the photo to us, so I am leaving it here to share with you.

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