Friday, December 9, 2011

“I miss my family that I haven’t met.” While on the ride home from school today, Sage and Lindsey were talking about their ancestors, who they were and what they meant to them. I just loved Autumn’s comment, how little kids can be so loving at such a young, innocent age it amazes me.

Except from the long hospital stays and the really rough tantrums that Autumn can have, life has been good and I am very thankful for that. Some days are more challenging than others and for some reason today was one of those days. Normally, it’s as if everything feels fairly normal, fairly good and then all of the sudden a small, seemingly inconsequential interruption can change the course of one day. I try not to give those moments much energy, but it isn’t always that easy. The interaction between Autumn, Sage and Lindsey is great at times (I am assuming this is normal for most sisters), but at other times, it can be so difficult! Sage will say that she feels Autumn gets everything she wants and it’s unfair. Lindsey won’t verbalize that, but her actions display the same sentiment. It feels like there needs to be some sort of play book, something to which I can refer to in case of emergency or other trauma. In a sense I guess we all reinvent the wheel at some point, however useless that seems.

My friend treated me to a meditation yoga class this evening at our local gym. It was relaxing and wonderful and just what I needed, thanks Roxanne!

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