Thursday, August 25, 2011

After bringing Sage and Lindsey to their second day of school this year, we headed over to the hospital (Sierra in SLO)for a blood draw. Autumn was a lot more upset about this trip than I would have guessed. She cried and said she really REALLY wanted to go to Cottage. Not here, not this hospital, not to see the lady with dark mess hair (couldn’t figure out which one that was). We had a home health nurse come by one time who was a mess, and I think when Autumn becomes upset, she reverts back to feelings she had over “that” lady, and transposes them onto anyone or any situation she finds unpleasant. I don’t blame her, I’d be pretty pissed off too if someone kept messing with my body like that! Almost as if there is this creul institution of ugliness out there that is after Autumn, and she knows, she’s onto them and can’t figure out why we are all allowing for this to happen! I wish I could have kept that damn tumor in a jar, so that she could really visualize what went on and why she must endure this viciousness. She has asked about it, that attacker of her kidney, so I think it wouldn’t be the worst thing to see, I would like to see it too, and give it my two cents!

The fabulous news today came after the results of the blood draw.

Hemoglobin: 10.4 (greater than 7 is doing well!)
White blood cells: 1000 (anything above 750 is good)
Plateletes: 26 (above 20 is doing well)

We needed NO TRANSFUSIONS today! So, that’s the good news, but the other side of the equation measures the time to her next chemo, this one will be another week long one too. It should happen in a week, to give her body some more time to recover, regenerate.

Autumn was also able to see her preschool teacher for a moment today, just to say hello! She really misses her class, her friends and of course her teacher. It was a treat!

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