Monday, August 15, 2011

I love to hear the voices of my kids as they whisper to one another when they are tucked in bed, about to drift off to sleep. It is so terribly sweet and makes all the bickering during the day evaporate like spilled water on steaming asphalt on a hot summer day.

Autumn is back!! She has had a wonderful day just playing with her sisters and of course, a visit to the hospital. The good news is that we were able to go again to Sierra, the local hospital to have her blood drawn. She had to keep the rather large needle in her chest all night. It's amazing what she will do given that circumstance! She runs around and acts like she is no different that she was 6 months ago, amazing!

We are off to bed, happy that we are closer to an end to all of this madness! I know there are no guarantees, but Autumn is one strong, resilient little girl. If anyone can make it through this mess, she sure can!

This weekend, we will be attending a festival put on by friends of ours which will benefit Autumn, how wonderful!!

We will be at MoTav Friday night at 6:30 pm and then at the concert Saturday at Avila from 5-10pm. It would be wonderful to see you there!! Here is some more information on tickets and locations:

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