Sunday, August 28, 2011

We have been having a great weekend! Today, Autumn was able to see Cailin, one of her very best friends. We meet Auntie Alex and her family, Kristine and her family at a restaurant in Solvang for a bite to eat and some fun times. I can hardly believe that all of our kids are getting so big, where has the time gone??

On Friday, Autumn spent the day with grandpa, they have such a sweet relationship! It is wonderful that she loves to visit my mom and Ken (grandpa), it can give me a little time since Autumn isn’t really able to go to preschool right now. I cannot imagine how different life will feel a year from now when she is in kinder!

Tomorrow we are off to Sierra again for another blood check, a quick and easy visit (as long as we bring our own Heparin (something needed to prevent coagulation in the line). For some reason it takes an hour to have the nurses order it up…at least I CAN bring it! If the counts are great, then we’ll move into this week’s chemo. If the counts are still low, we will wait one more week.

Part of me wants to just get this over with; this will be the fourth LONG week from a total of five, HOORAY! But part of me realizes that after this week, Autumn will have to endure weeks of transfusions and fevers, it’s terrible, agonizing! I am trying to see the light…it’s there I know it is! It is slightly filtered at the moment, but it’s better than darkness.

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