Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh we are back again, gees, I hope this is all a lost memory of her's one day!! I cannot imagine how she must FEEL going through all of this at such a young age, I just cannot imagine.

Autumn seemed to be doing well this week, however last night she had a slight fever, about 100 degrees F. Throughout the night, she woke up 3 times complaining of a bellyache and of being hungry. She has not had much of an appetite which has caused her to remain almost the same weight these past 6 months even though she has grown taller.

Fevers are so scary. They lead to a lack of energy and an overall feeling that she is really sick. I can hardly stand to use that word “sick” as it has seemed so inappropriate because she has done so well the past 6 months! We always try to explain to her that she “was” sick, she “had” a tumor that was removed and that the doctors are now giving her medicine just to make sure that the tumor doesn't ever grow back. I am not sure that makes any sense to her, but some of this has to be explained!

We are back at Sierra, for 48 hours minimum, to make sure that her fever is not related to anything else. She is neutropenic again, she has NO immune system at all, so we have to be very careful this week, next week, until her ANC count is up again. She has been known to recover quickly, so I am hoping it will!!!

One of the things she hates more than anything else is the taste of Tylenol, isn't that something? She hates that more than her "pokes", more than being in a hospital, so crazy! I promised her that we would head out to Chuck E Cheese if she could manage to gulp down the many sugar-laden Tylenol gifts left at her dining table. She agreed, except after she took the first one she proclaimed, "I'm ready to go to Chuck E Cheese"! Are you going to get the car mommy? God I love that sense of being alive!

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