Thursday, August 11, 2011

A long day in SB today, Autumn had a double transfusion today, the first one she has had to endure. She was borderline on both blood levels, so they decided it would make for a better weekend to have new platelets and hemoglobin. She was not happy to hear that she had to return to the hospital, but she made it through!

Her levels were:
Hemoglobin 6.8 (7.0 is usually the cutoff)
Platelets: 25 (cutoff is usually 20)

My god, it must be so tiring for her, so frustrating to endure this lengthy process. She hardly understands the concept of time and it must seem to her as though she has to do this forever! She has said one more than one occasion that she wishes she didn’t have cancer. As we lay together in the hospital bed this afternoon, she asked me again about her kidneys. She wanted to know exactly where they where and what they looked like and why her ribs were covering the region that she should be able to access to get a good feel for that missing kidney.

My Aunt Janet says that she’s a 40-year old in a 4-year old body and how true that seems sometimes. At the hospital today there was another little boy with cancer. I wasn’t sure what kind he had, but I bet if those two kids could talk like grown-ups, they would fill an encyclopedia with things they had say about it!

I think we are good for this week; we can take a little break. The one thing we have to be very careful of is any sort of infection that can cause an illness in Autumn. Her white blood counts are really low as well which means that she has a much diminished ability to fight off anything that may attempt to invade her precious body. We will lay low and wait this one out…

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  1. Thinking about all of you lots and wishing for whatever it takes to get you through these tough days. Thanks for keeping us posted Juliet. We love you guys!