Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We had a pretty good night, with the exception of about 10,000 nurse visits throughout the night and the IV machines going off. Poor Autumn, she would be sleeping peacefully, like a little China doll. All of the sudden, there would be poking and prodding and beeping...she would wake up groggy and a bit upset! Usually she would be able to return to her soft slumber, but not always!

Accompaning the chemo comes the joyous saline bags which is the one reason we need to be in the hospital for so long each day. Autumn usually has to wear a diaper at night due to the insane amount of fluid that infiltrates her tiny body. She cannot make it to the bathroom as often as she needs to at night, so the diaper is a welcome helper. Surprisingly, last night she didnt' even need to use it, perhaps because she was up enough times to use it regularly.

We are here again today, as chemo wil begin at about 4pm and lasts about 3 hours. I am hoping we can make it home after that, only time will tell!

The big girls spent the night last evening with Jeff. He drove here after work to take them to the hotel as they are not able to stay here in the hospital overnight. They can stay late, really late, so I'm not sure what consistutes "sleeping over", but it seems to be fairly lax.

Autumn is in an awesome mood, laughing and being as silly and happy as ever, I love it! She has her beloved Fluffy Queso and seems to be content. We are on to a day of crafts and movies :)

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