Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mommy, what does it mean, “she lost fighting cancer”? God I had a hard time explaining this concept gently this morning, especially without flooding and losing it entirely. Kids have a funny way of asking about curiosities, just when you think they are not thinking about anything of the sort, they bring up such incredibly profound thoughts. She was referring to a little girl she had seen on a TV show the other night who didn’t make it. I tried to explain to her that this little girl had a very strong form of cancer that was too strong for the little girl’s body. I did say to Autumn that the kind she has is a lot easier to get rid of, we know more about its nature. She never really asked more than that, but I spent the whole rest of today contemplating every angle.

Autumn has been so happy, so back to herself this week, that is the good news! It has been a fabulous few days, so very enjoyable. She is dancing around the house, being silly, no sign of being tired or sick or any of that. What a treasure to relish in these moments, they are fleeting, but so is life, so I am just going to take pleasure in each day.

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