Monday, August 1, 2011

Autumn had a great day today, her numbers were high enough that she needs no transfusion and we are set to move on into the end of the second round. The end is always the most difficult, with week-long chemo and hydration. Tomorrow we will spend the night in the hospital after her chemo because she will need to be hooked up to saline 24/7 for the next 4 days. Chemo is nasty stuff and it can cause the lining of the bladder to bleed among other side effects. Therefore lots of precautions are taken to minimalize those risks. Of course the benefit of life far outweighs these risks, they are disheartening nonetheless.

Target is the new favorite shopping spot for the girls, so we made a short trip there this afternoon. Each girl, with new alarm clock in hand, was excited as ever to come home and set them up, each on their own little shelf over their bunk beds. I love some of the simple things that can make them happy.

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