Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday afternoon Autumn seemed to be a bit more warm than usual. Sure enough, she had a fever. We are at about day 8 since her last round of intense chemo, which generally notes the lowest day of her counts, especially her white blood cells, so any risk of infection is threatening. Her temperature seemed to hover in the 100.8 range, too close to 101.5, the critical point at which we need to bring her to the hospital.

This time we were able to bring her to Sierra Vista, a local hospital for her fever, so we are very close to home! That part has been nice, different than driving an hour an a half for sure! Everything here is the same but just different enough that it made Autumn uncomfortable when we first arrived.

Today she seems to be in better spirits, but this morning she was still very quiet and non-energetic, it is so hard to see little Autumn like that, it just doesn't seem fair at all. Moments like these make me so angry, so frustrated that she has to endure any of this now or ever.

Autumn was speaking with her Beloved Uncle Bob this morning, she was telling him that she had to take Bactrum and Tylenol in her mouth, she HATES doing that! Uncle Bob said to her, "I'll take it for you Autumn!" That seemed to make her feel so much better!!

We are not sure how long we will be here this time...I just hope she continues to improve!

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