Sunday, July 17, 2011

Autumn had a spectacular weekend! Friday we left for Half Moon Bay where our friends Darrin and Robin have a fabulous Luau every other year. What a fun gathering with friends we have known for a long time. The journey began long ago, before anyone had any children, now there are so many it’s hard to keep track!  The main focus is getting the pig into the grounds (a tradition Darrin started in his backyard in San Mateo a decade ago). There is just about everything there for kids, a HUGE pile of sand where the kids can sled for hours. Each year something new arrives and it’s always a big hit with the kids! Autumn had a blast with her sisters and friends there.

The girls had a sleepover with my mom and her husband Ken last night, something they always look forward to doing.

This morning we took it easy and just spent time around the house to do laundry and other fun household duties! Autumn sat on the floor with me at one point to just relax. She looked towards the ceiling and said, “I’m weird mom”. I wasn’t sure if she was being silly or serious so I investigated a bit further. She said she was “weird” because other kids were always asking her if she was a boy or a girl. “They can hear my voice mommy, why don’t they know I’m a girl??”. As the tears rushed down my cheeks all I could say was, “they just don’t understand how brave you are sweetie, there is no one quite like you and someday when those kids are bigger, they may understand”. Was that the right thing to say? Should I make a shirt on it that says, “I’M A GIRL!!!” for her? She must have psychologically aged 20 years in the last 4 months.


  1. Don't worry, Autumn, I get that all the time! I would probably tell her she is smarter than all the other kids but I doubt that's politically correct parenting. You are awesome, Autumn, go get 'em.

  2. That T-shirt is coming:))) Love ya sweet dear Autumn.
    From Your Gramps