Monday, July 11, 2011

Back we are, in good old Santa Barbara. We had a great two weeks, the first with Nanie in Las Vegas and the second with Aunt Janet and Uncle Bob in SB, Ventura and finally LA. We swam, ate a ton and just tried to relax as much as time would permit.

Today Autumn had a short visit in the clinic, I were aware that most likely today she would need a blood tranfusion since her hemoglobin was borderline last week. Today it measured at 5.9, below the 7.0 marker. Once it is any below that level, they usually admit her to the hospital for a transfusion. Interestingly there are some religious groups that do not allow for blood transfusions at all, unless the level may reach 1.0 or until death is apparent.

Autumn has her friend Cailin with her today along with Sage and Lindsey. She told Cailin all about the hospital, the toys and movies on the fifth floor waiting for her. :) They just returned from a short Jeep ride (still no new Jeep), the battery died, so they just pushed it along. I love how kids will just adapt, at so many levels, they just make it happen.

Of course, just as I said that, Autumn jumped up to use the bathroom at the instant Sage and Lindsey began fighting over who is going to each what once our "guest plate" arrived. Gees, it's always something, isn't it?? And it's always at the same time, energy feeds off of itself and never seems to exist alone, an attractive force, like that of gravity.

Autumn just recieved her blood, so now she will wait for about 2.5 hours for it to filter through her body. The good news is she usually perks up about half way through and tends to be in an overall happier mood. She isn't eating much, but she still seems consistent with TJ's cuties (since melted, oops!) and yogurt.

Hopefully we can make it home by about 8pm tonight. :)

Love, Autumn and her family


  1. Hi, Juliet! It's so great to be able to read updates on Autumn and your family. I wanted to tell you about a new fitness studio that my friends opened up in Pismo--they offer a free once a month class to those with cancer or care providers. One of the owners just battled breast cancer last year. Hugs to Autumn from esther!

  2. oh and they offer kids classes as well. when autumn is up for it,let me know and we can coordinate and the girls can take a class together :)