Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Autumn is having a restful week. We have been doing less and really trying to keep Autumn out of the sun (apparently one of the chemo drugs causes skin sensitivity to the sun!) and indoors with friends or her sisters.

We made it to the museum in SLO today, what a zoo! Too many kids and I begin to panic, as exposure to any sick little one can cause her to have a fever because her low low level of white blood cells. I really resist that urge to make all the girls germo-phobes but in this case it is just what needs to happen. I hope they can find a way in which to transfuse THOSE far only platelets and hemoglobin.

The hardest part is when Autumn will freak out if someone drinks from her cup or touches her food. Am I creating a child who really won't be ok sharing again someday? I try to explain to her that this is really only temporary, but that doesn't mean much to a 4 1/2 year old. Six months of this so far means that the time frame represents 1/9 of her whole life! That would be like 4 YEARS to it must not seem temporary at this point, how could it??

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